Получите бесплатный премиум аккаунт

А у нас акция!

Всем зарегистрированным до 1 ноября пользователям мы дарим бесплатный премиум-аккаунт. Премиум аккаунт позволит просматривать полноразмерные фотографии моделей, переписываться в чате, получать максимальное количество отликов на заказы, а главное - он даёт 10% скидку на все заказы.

Быстрая регистрация



How can I register my account on the website?

You need to identify yourself with an active e-mail address, password, CAPTCHA and pick your function during registration. You will also be asked to confirm your consent to abide User's Agreement.

Registration and authorization with the help of social networks is not possible because every user has got the right to be anonymous.

Users' functions.

Admin: to rule users' accounts, texts on webpages, to edit applications and offers, etc.

Customer: A physical or legal body that has registered at Service according to the rules of this Agreement.

Model: A user who provides her services according to the rules of the website.

Why do I need registration?

- free access to models' portfolios;

- possibility to talk with a model you choose in private;

- possibility to choose a model to fulfill the order;

- access to all information published on the website.

Financial Questions.

How much does it cost to make an order?

Minimum price for one order is 10 USD. If your order is supposed to show the face of a model the minimum price will be 15 USD.

How can I use the balance of my account?

You can look through models' catalogue to find the one you need. Then you can pay the order from your account. You can also award a model with whom you like to work with some additional coins as a gratitude.

Where can I check statistics of my account filling-ups and order payments?

You can go to your Personal Cabinet and choose section Statistics where you can find the history of all your financial activities. You can also define there a specific period of time.

How can I check the balance of my account?

You can go to your Personal Cabinet and choose the section Statistics.

Who should I address my question in case I've got problems with my account filling up?

You should address your question to our 24/7 Customers' Support. In order to enter the chat with Customers' Support you need to be logged in (authorized) on the website.

Can I fill up my balance without necessity to leave my website account?

Yes, if you would like to fill up your balance without necessity to stop looking through the catalogue and talking to models, you can go to the payment page and fill up your balance and right after that you will receive coins within several minutes.

How much does one model get from one deal?

A model can take up to 65% of total amount. The other 35% are distributed between service and partners. 10% go to the partner who invited the model, other 10% go to the partner who invited the customer, other 10% is the award of the website and 5% are for technical stuff.


10 USD order:

6.5 USD — to a model

1 USD — to a partner who invited a model

1 USD — to a partner who invited a customer

1 USD — service award.

0.5 USD — for technical use.

How can I withdraw my coins?

You need to go to your Personal Cabinet, choose the section Statistics and pick the most appropriate money withdrawal way for you.

You can also order a withdrawal of your funds and specify your electronic wallet. When you press the button Payment for order the funds get frozen.

Order Placing and Fulfilling.

What can I choose?

You can choose a model and contact her to discuss through private messages your further cooperation.

Every customer is offered several options how to choose a model - different sizes of breast, different age categories, etc. Placing an order every customer chooses the following points:

1. A model covers her nipples with her hands or shows her breast in full;

2. We can see a breast only or a breast and a face in the photo;

3. The inscription is made on one side of breast or on both sides.

When the order is confirmed the amount of money equal to the order value is blocked on the customer's account.

How can I finalize my order?

In order to finalize and confirm your order you need to to fill in all the fields and confirm your consent.

For how long shall I wait until my order is fulfilled?

When your order is finalized it gets the status "moderation process" and goes to moderators to be checked. When a moderator approves your order it gets the status "placed" and goes to the general list of orders.

A moderator has got the power to decline the order when not all the fields are filled or user's actions are inappropriate. Declined order is available for the customer and can be edited. A moderator can also delete the order when it breaks the rules settled by present legislation.

При возвращении заявки на доработку или удалении модератор оставляет свой комментарий. When the order is back to the customer or when it's deleted a moderator leaves his comment.

All orders can have the following statuses:

- draft;

- moderation process;

- editing required;

- declined;

- deleted;

- in work;

- fulfilled;

When the order is approved by a moderator it goes to work. When the work is done and the result is accepted the order status is "fulfilled".

What to do if the result does not exactly correspond to order demands?

If you are a customer and your order is fulfilled not accurately or off-grade you can put the status "improvement required" or "declined". Then the order goes to moderators who examine it and make decision to cancel the order, return the money, accept the order fully or partially and marks the order with the status "improvement required".

If you are a model and you do not agree with the demands of the customer you can mark this order with the status "improvement required" or "declined".

How can I check the status of the order?

All the orders and their statuses you can check in your Personal Cabinet.

You can also watch there all the statuses changes from "draft" to "fulfilled".

I am a model. How can I create my portfolio?

Users' accounts have got several types of statuses: normal, banned, active and confirmed.

Normal account is any account created after registration is finished.

Banned account is an account banned temporarily or terminally because of breaks of present legislation.

Active account is the status to show you that you've got the right to accept orders. If you want to get this status you need to upload high quality photos of your breast with a visible inscription TitsAds and your ID. These pictures will be used in your portfolio with advertising purpose and as profile pictures.

What kind of information needs to be mentioned in my Personal Cabinet?

- your nickname;

- your age;

- languages you can speak;

- size of your breast;

- your race;

minimum price of one photo.

I would like to update my portfolio. How can I do this?

When you look through your fulfilled orders you can find an active button "add to portfolio" under each photo. You can add your photo and update your portfolio upon your desire. You can also remove photos from your portfolio. You can upload photos to your Personal Cabinet only when your account is active.

I am a customer. How can I create my portfolio?

Users' accounts can have different statuses: normal, banned, active and confirmed.

Normal account is any account created after registration.

Banned account is an account banned temporarily or terminally because of breaks of present legislation.

Active account is an account that has got minimum 10 USD or successful deals with models. A customer with an active account has got right to look through models' catalogue, download photos, accept fulfilled orders, send orders for editing with comments explaining why.

What is models' catalogue?

Every customer with active status can look through the catalogue of models presented on the website.

You can sort out models in the catalogue on the basis of their popularity, average order price, breast size, race, age.

You can press the model's profile picture and go to her personal page where you can find detailed information about her.

Only users with active status are able to see the photos in good resolution.

What is a catalogue of orders?

A catalogue of orders is available to all the models. A model can sort out the orders according to her personal desires: orders where she has to show her face, orders where she has to cover her nipples with her hands, etc. Only models with active status are able to make offers.

General Questions.

What am I supposed to do when I get the letter from you asking me to disclose my nickname and password?

Never respond to this letter! We will never ask you to send us your personal data. Only frauds who want to use your account act like this.

What else can you advise?

Website administration ask you to be polite and courteous with each other because you we all are delicate creatures. The majority of models are here because they like this way of earning money, that's why you should respect their way of living.

Technical Support.

Where should I address my complaints toward models, customers and the way this website works?

Address you complaints to 24/7 Customers' Support.

Do you have 24/7 Customers' Support?

Yes, we do. You can send us you query and we will contact you back within 1 hour. If you would like to get a sooner reply you can use 24 hours Customers' Support chat.

What should I do when I'm experiencing problems working with the website?

You can go to our 24 hours Customers' Support to solve you problem fast.

What kind of problems can I solve online with the help of 24 hours Customers' Support chat?

You can go to Customers' Support with any questions concerning website performance and questions directly connected with activity and behaviour of models and customers. Customers' Support service will do its best to solve your problem as fast as possible. Financial questions can answered and solved within 12 hours because Financial department don't work 24/7.

Where should I go if I haven't found the answer to my question?

Please, address your query to 24/7 Customers' Support.